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  • Online Video Producer
  • Was a Sr. Video Editor of Sharon, ASAP and Pinoy Big Brother in ABS-CBN Channel 2
  • Was a Sr. Line Producer-Director for Negosiyete and Agrisiyete aired on GMA Channel 7
  • Online TV Show Director, the Digital Filipino Talks (www.digitalfilipino.com)
  • Instructional How-To Video Producer (www.pinoyhowto.com)
  • Producer and Director of Agribusiness, ABS-CBN Sports and Action
  • Director of Drive Season 1 & 2, CNN Philippines
  • Milestones and Awards

    The Philippine Blog Awards 2010 Winner – Best Videocast and Podcast Blog (www.pinoyhowto.com)

    Digital Filipino Social Networking Awards 2010. Search Engine Marketing Category Winner (www.buddygancenia.com)

    Presented as Best Case for Business Management System for SME by the Association of Training Institutions for Foreign Trade in Asia and the Pacific (ATIFTAP) Assisted by the United Nation Trade Center (UNCTAD/WTO)

    One of the Best Philippine Wedding Videographer, as evidenced by its having won the Grand Prize in the 1st Sony Wedding Video Competition 2007 (www.realityweddingvideo.tv)

    Video Production Services and Rates

    CORPORATE VIDEO - Company’s corporate video, online video needs such as sales, marketing, training videos, online TV show, audio visual presentation, how-to instructional videos, product demonstration videos, etc.

    Package starts at Php 90,000
    Corporate Videos click here

    About Me

    “Buddy Gancenia is a man who lives and breathes video production.” At least that’s how I would define myself whenever I am asked. But, of course, that is just general definition of who I am and what I do.

    I have been in the production industry for two decades , so I could say that I am a highly experienced Producer-Videographer and video editor . I have worked in the country’s top television networks. And I have used all of that experience to become a pioneer Online Video Producer .

    You see, video is more than just a tool for entertainment; it is an art form where we can explore all the possibilities in creating one-of-kind and creative videos that can inform, inspire, or stir nostalgic emotions. And while I still pay my respects to traditional channels of media output like video tapes and DVDs, it is hard not to ignore the potential and the vast reach of online media.

    I began my video career in 1991 when I was part of the production staff of Negosyete and Agrisyete , a livelihood programs aired in GMA7 . This is where I learned all of what I needed to learn to become a well-rounded (well, not too “rounded”) video man. It is in Negosyete that I dabbled into almost everything I could; from handling the camera, to directing, to producing.

    After my stint in Negosyete and Agrisyete, I then moved to ABS-CBN and handled tasks that are more rooted in post-production. My work in ABS-CBN gave me the opportunity to work on Sharon, ASAP, Game KNB? . While all that has given much to learn from, I’d have to say that the development of my trademark Reality TV style was honed when I was selected to be part of the production of the first season of Pinoy Big Brother . It was where I got top-notch training from the Endemol crew (the producers of the original Big Brother in the Netherlands).

    Through my work in the mainstream broadcast industry, I have mastered the skills needed to take the craft of videography beyond what I would consider the “confines of traditional broadcast” and within reach of people such as you. And ushering in a new era of videography that takes advantage of online media could help me do just that.

    As of this writing, I am involved in PinoyHowTo.com , a site that features videos on how to do… well… just about anything. It is through this project I’m exploring possibilities of turning online videos into educational PR media; or, giving it a bit of alliteration, “Viral Videos with Value”. I am also currently producing tv-show quality videos for Digital Filipino Talks (digitalfilipino.com).

    Please feel free to look around in this website and please do visit the other websites that feature my work. If you like what you see, I can offer consultation or production services for your company’s online video needs such as sales, marketing, training videos, etc.

    Like most arts and sciences, video production evolves. And, as Moore’s Law dictates, it will continue to evolve exponentially as we invent newer technologies – better lenses, higher definition, and faster data transmission, to name a few – the possibilities reach beyond infinity.

    That said, it is only fitting that I look forward the same way – beyond infinity.