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Corporate Video: Atlas Feeds


Corporate Video: Atlas Feeds. ATLAS NUTRITION is the Philippines’ leading manufacturer of specialized piglet feed. Atlas believe that young animal care is one of the most critical areas that determine farm success. Hence, it the company’s mission to manufacture good quality feeds and to develop better technologies that contribute to successful hog farming.

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Corporate Video: FEEDPRO

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A9FQN4OwO8 It’s a new, natural, and healthy way – it’s FEEDPRO! Another corporate video production. This time it’s for ProNatural Feed Corporation – the first major feed company in the Philippines that advocates Natural Hog Raising. Using Feedpro feeds and Profitable Innovative Growing System (P.I.G.S.) technology, hog raising is fast and less stressful; pigs have…Continue Reading →